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Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC, REACE

Ageing to Sageing






Julia’s “Refirement” mask, reframing a notion of retirement and capturing the spirit with expressive arts.
Julia’s “Refirement” mask, reframing a notion of retirement and capturing
the spirit with expressive arts.

An invitation to the work of positive, healthy aging

What do you envision for your future? How could you become a joyful sage?

Learn to use contemplative tools to bring more adventure, passion, mystery, and meaning to your life.

Ann Rinaldi, RN, MS

Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC, REACE

Leaders Certified by the Spiritual Eldering Institute:

What is Spiritual Eldering? As we consider the needs of an aging population, Spiritual Eldering® offers a process to begin the journey of positive, healthy aging.  This process can begin as early as midlife, as we contemplate retirement and move from the autumn to the winter of our lives.  We can advance from the concept of Age-ing as a time of loss to dread, to Sage-ing as a time of harvesting the fruits of a life’s work, living joyfully, and mentoring younger generations.

Using contemplative techniques from the world’s spiritual traditions and the latest breakthroughs in brain/mind research, learn how to review your life, come to terms with your mortality, harvest the wisdom of your years, and transform the natural regrets, depression, and sense of loss that accompany growing older into renewed purpose and inner peace.

What will I learn in an Age-ing to Sage-ing workshop??

In workshops you will…

Engage in life review and life repair

Synthesize wisdom from long life experience

Practice forgiveness—the gift we give ourselves

Transmit a legacy to future generations

Honor and attend to our body, mind, and spirit

Who are the seminar leaders?

Introducing Ann and Julia

Ann Rinaldi, RN, MS, is a semi-retired nurse whose career has spanned 50 years. As nurse, mentor, and teacher, her main focus has been to enable others in the process of better health care. As an elder, she now is focusing on her own conscious aging, as well as working with others to achieve positive aging.

Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC, REACE, has been a nurse for 30 years.  International keynote speaker and author, Julia’s mission has been to help healthcare providers deliver sensitive care and find joy and humor along the journey.  With the death of her parents she began life review and, after being introduced to Spiritual Eldering®, decided to pursue certification as a leader.  Her background in mental health is a foundation for her commitment to helping people begin as early as midlife to approach aging with a sense of wonder and awe and excitement.


Wit and Wisdom: offering Experiential Workshops, Presentations, Retreats, and learning materials for the journey.   

Who would benefit? Anyone interested in exploring new dimensions of aging.                                        

 Elders and their Families, Friends
 Caregivers and professionals working with Elders     

Workshop participants say:             

An unforgettable experience that came right from the heart

and was accepted right into mine…simply a life-changing experience.”  Leah 70          

“Combination of humor and information was quite wonderful.”   Betty 62

“I see that we have value beyond our work roles, that we have a

legacy to leave our children and communities.” Jim 53


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Elders are the jewels of humanity that have been mined from the earth, cut in the rough, then buffed and polished by the stonecutter’s art into precious gems that we recognize for their enduring value and beauty.  We sense their radiance in our youth, but we cannot contain it.  It requires a lifetime’s effort to carve out the multifaceted structure that can display our hidden splendor in all its glory.”  Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi (Founder, Spiritual Eldering Institute)


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