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I’m transforming as fast as I can…please send C.H.O.C.O.L.A.T.E. ™ (Examine a holistic model for the authentic use of self in nursing. From the whimsical… humor and play…to the sacred, intentionality and presence…respirt, reinspire, and revitalize your work and yourself.)

Something wonderful is about to happen… positive strategies for uncertain times (Celebrate the opportunity within ambiguity and recapture balance and meaning in daily life)

Further Along The Yellow Brick Road… pathways to the future (Face the future with a brain, a heart, and courage)


D.A.R.E.™ to be Successful... landing the leading role in your life (Define professional and personal success and create a plan to stretch for success and find the meaning and joy you deserve)

From Dragons to Unicorns… outrageous strategies to add balance to life (Look for the lessons, release the problems, and take charge of adding wonder to your life.)

Team SpiritTeam Spirit

The Magic of Teamwork (Examine essential behaviors for effective teamwork and practice creative approaches to building teams... you might even have fun!)

The Future is Now… revitalize teams… recapture the meaning (Recommit to the team effort needed for synergistic solutions. Add a magic touch to your work.)


From the Heart to the Hands... keys to successful healthcaring connections (Reflect on the moments of connection that respirit, reinspire, and revitalize, the sacred I-Thou relationships. Share the wonder of our stories and the wisdom of our lives.)

Managing to care... solutions for the manager's dilemma (Explore the challenges of today’s leader and share solutions for success and meaningful connections. Set new goals for embellishing our work with who we are.)


The Lost Art... customer service (Make the connection with customers to celebrate service and recapture pride in our work. Create a plan to add joy to the workplace and honor the internal customer… that’s us!)

C.A.R.E.... communicate assertively, responsibly, and with empathy (Listen and learn. Dare to clarify until you understand. Speak and live with authenticity. Communication is the heart of connections… one moment at a time.)


Humor in the Workplace… humor works (Learn positive humor strategies to energize, promote creativity, and build teams. Receive a toy to start a humor kit.)

"What I can laugh at, I can cope with"… the healing power of humor (Explore the intuitive use of humor with clients, client’s families, and staff to build trust, cope with stress, and gain perspective. Develop your comic vision.)

Only Pick the Weeds you can see from the Road (Laugh-lines and other survival strategies.)


Respirit, reinspire, revitalizeRespirit, reinspire, revitalize

The Healing Presence... F.O.C.U.S.E.D. ™ on moments of connection (Experiential workshop to respirit, reinspire, and revitalize nurses using the "F.O.C.U.S.E.D."™ model. Celebrate sacred I-Thou relationships to recapture the meaning in our work.

The Management Connection... repeatable successes (Strategies from front-line healthcare managers. Facilitation of the shared experience. Learn to take your work seriously, but yourself lightly. Make the connection with staff.)

People helping People... bring back the magic (Strategies to work together with purpose. Commit to strategies to adding joy to the workplace and learn what others want from you.)

Revitalize Refocus and revitalize for change

Imagineering for Success... using the power of your imagination to think out of the box (Participate in exercises to harness the power of your imagination.)

Recapture the Meaning... at work and at home (Strategies to live happily ever after, one day at a time.)

Team spiritRecapture the team spirit

Gentle Persuasion... communicate for success (Coping with elegance and a powerful presence.)

Tools for healthcare teams... adding the creative touch (Activities to focus teams and add a touch of humor and creativity to save the day.)

Basics,Nurse speakingReturn to basics

Customer Service from A to Z (Activities with a creative touch to build and teach customer service skills.)

Positively Speaking... how to say yes and how to say no (Assertive communication for professional and personal success.)

Managing Stress... before it manages you (Stress management… the never ending journey.)

LaughRemember to Laugh

Positively Humorous... humor to lighten the load (Learn the art of enthusiasm and nourish your inner giggle.)

Making the Laughter connection... how to build a better humor kit (Make work fun. Learn to use toys and props and activities to energize with a light spirit.)

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